February 17, 2005 • 3:38 pm
subject: LOCKED
mood: sleepy

this journal is
read the rules & cmnt to be added


1. Do not be fooled by my pretty layout. I am a bitch, 100%. If you can't handle that, get gone fast before I make you my latest victim.
2. If you know I can't stand you, DO NOT BOTHER commenting. Deleting and banning you is a waste of my time. Find a hobby, take some drugs, kill yourself. Do anything you want, just stay away from me.
3. Do not make fake journals and think that I won't catch you in your lies -- because I will.
4. Do not promote communities to me unless they are bitchy/mean/sarcastic oriented. I will report anyone who does not follow these guidelines. Or, if you're a friend (ie. on my list of allowed).
5. In fact, if you are one of the many AOL people obsessed with me/IMing me/emailing me/writing in your websites about me, please turn around now. You will be banned.
6. If you are unsure if I've banned you, please check the list following these rules. See your eljay name? Guess what -- you fucking suck, now get the fuck off my journal :)
7. In light of recent events, this must be said: Do not take any pictures posted by me, whether they're graphics or pictures of me. If I catch you stealing my grafix, you will regret it. Trust me.


insaneoragenius - Because she's a whining, smelly, crusty vagina-hole and needs to douche more often. (forever)
lifeofaspider, knightmaire - for being a rude son of a bitch and unadding me without notice. I'm fickle. (forever)
jesusdied4u - some really skeezy 50 year old impersonator. (forever)



These people, if offering a good reason as to why they should be allowed, may be re-added.

The Sexy Wabbit :)

6 saved me from my solitude